A Complete Hidden Security System in Single Device


Over billions of dollars loss cause by shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, inventory shrinkage in retail business every year. Half of this loss could be recovered if the business owner deploy the suitable loss prevention policy. The hidden camera is the cost effective solution to reduce the loss in your business. It works either as supplyment for your existed CCTV security system or standalone for investigate the specific case. Deploy the hidden camera to sensitivie area such as cash register, warehouse provide another eyes keep watching on it without the kweldage by your shoplifting even employee. Take a close look at the benefit of our hidden security cameras. The high-defination video of our hidden cameras is the cornerstone for loss prevention.

An experienced burglar can outwit many standard CCTV systems. Once they locate the camera shooting direction, they will find the way to break in your house. With plents of time in burglary, the burglar can even locate your recorder, and destroy all the footage you have. Set up a hidden camera can improve your home security to next level. Without knowing the location of the hidden camera, it is high possibility to catch the identify detail of burglars. With the latest IP technology integrated, the owners can even check the camera at middle night, give valuable time to come up with proactive plan once the burglar happen unfortunately. Check our hidden camera for home, you can even take off the hidden camera module and build your hidden spy camera.