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How to add Invisible IR Illuminator to hidden security camera

You can add an invisible IR illuminator to boost up the night vision of your hidden security camera. If you have existed CCTV cameras on the scene which have IR LEDs built-in, you may don’t need add-on IR illuminator. The hidden security camera can see the Infrared after you turn on the true day & night function. The IR illuminator require DC12V power source. You can share the power from camera’s power adaptor. The below is the diagram how to share the power from the hidden security camera. In the following instruction, we will guide you how to turn the true day & night function in the camera for seeing the infrared at night.

1. Install and login in the PC software.

2. Right click the device name, choose “Config”


3. Click icon “Camera Param”

4. Find IR_Cut, choose “autoswitch”. Click “Apply” to save.

Once the IR_Cut parameter is set to ‘autoswitch’, the hidden security camera will switch to black and white at night and seeing the infrared on the scene. You also can change the “DNC threshold” to adjust the switch point between the day and night. Only the hidden security camera with “IR cut filter” in specification have true day & night function.

Click to watch live video of our hidden security camera with night vision.

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Basic Setting for hidden security camera

The article covers two important settings for new hidden security camera. Add new password to your hidden security camera. It has no password in factory default. Sync the hidden security camera’s time to your mobile phone, especially for the hidden security camera after you install SD memory card, otherwise, you may not find the correct video recording on the memory space.

1. Login the app, tap the setting icon on right-top.

2. Click the ‘password’, input the old password and new password, click save.

NOTE: no password in factory default

3. Return to setting, Click ‘General’, Click ‘Device time’ to sync the time of your hidden security camera.