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How to add microphone audio pick up to hidden security camera

The hidden security camera with RCA connector at the pigtail support audio input. The microphone is not included. You will need to order an add-on microphone and connect the microphone to the hidden security camera. Most of the microphone pick up is activated device, which mean it requires DC12V power source. You can share the DC12 power from your power adaptor. The below is the diagram how to connect microphone to your hidden security camera. You may also need to enable the audio function through iCSee application.

Connection diagram

1. Login iCSee application on mobile phone.

2. Click the camera in the device list

3. Click the setting icon top right on screen.

4. Choose “Advanced Setting”

5. Enable “Video Audio”

Return to the live video, press the speaker icon on the tool bar, you can hear the audio

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