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How to connect hidden security camera to Onvif 3rd party Recorder

Most of our hidden security camera support onvif protocols. You should find the profile-S in the specification. You can easily connect our onvif hidden security camera to 3rd party VMS software or onvif standalone NVR for video and audio. The audio requires add on microphone. The default onvif port is 8899 with our hidden security camera. Profile-S doesn’t guarantee onvif recorder can receive the motion detection message from our IP spy camera unless the recorder support message notification structure.

1. Click icon “System configure” and select “IP camera install”, a new dialog pop-up.

2. Click “Add camera”

3. Fill in the IP address, HTTP port

NOTE: HTTP port is the onvif port in the camera (default 8899)

4. Fill in the username and password.

5. Select “Onvif” from device, video profile will pop up in the screen.

6. Click “OK” to save. Now you can assign the camera to a specific channel and watch the live video.


Connect our hidden security camera to standalone onvif recorder will be similar as the VMS software. Normally you can use the built-in auto discovery function to detect our hidden security camera. Check the onvif port is 8899 in default.


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