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How to Connect hidden security camera with PC software

If your hidden security camera supports both Ethernet cable and WiFi connection, you always can connect the camera to the network before you use the WiFi. The Ethernet cable connection is simple and reliable. You will need to link the hidden security camera to your switch with Ethernet cable. The status LEDs inline the pigtail cable will keep flashing when the camera is linking to your network successfully. The below instruction covers the general steps to configure the WiFi setting on your hidden security camera.

1.  Download and install the PC software with below URL

2. Click the icon to login the software.

NOTE: both username & password is “admin”

3. Press “Add Camera”. The software will discover your hidden security camera automatically, then add the hidden security camera to the PC software

4. Return “Main”, Click “Monitor”, double click the hidden security camera name to watch the live video in the device list

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