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How to connect your hidden security camera to WiFi network

If your hidden security camera supports WiFi connection, you can connect the camera to your home network over WiFi without hardwiring back to your router. In this article, we will show how to connect the hidden security camera to WiFi network using the application on your mobile phone such as iPad, iphone, android phone. You will need to install our free app iCSee on your mobile device. Download the application from apple store or google play. Following the below instruction, the application will pass the name and password of your WiFi router to your camera, so the camera is able to connect the WiFi successfully.

1.  Power up the hidden security camera and wait for 1-2 minutes.

2. Login the iCSee application.

3. Click “+” top-right on screen. Choose “Add Shared Device”

4. Scan the QR code on the box, Name the camera, Click “Save”. You should see your hidden security camera appear on the smart device list with “offline” status.

5. Click “+” top-right on screen again. Choose “Add My Device (AP mode)” this time.

6. Click Next Step, choose “To Set the WiFi”

7. Connect the your mobile phone to network of your hidden security camera.

NOTE: The password is “1234567890”

8. Return the iCSee application, wait until the radar counts down to zero.

9. Click the return until you see the “Smart Device”, Refresh the list, your hidden security camera should be online now.

NOTE: If the camera is not online, press reset button for 10 seconds, the camera will be default, start from step #2

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