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How to watch the live video of your hidden security camera on mobile phone

This article covers the general instruction to watch the hidden security camera on your mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone or android phone. You will need to download and install the application iCSee on your mobile phone. Watching the hidden security camera on the PC computer requires other PC software.

1. Download free app iCSee Pro

2. Sign up new account.

NOTE: this is the account for iCSee application, not for the hidden security camera. You can choose ”Temporary Login” if you don’t want to sign up.

3. Click “+” on right top screen

4. Click “Add Shared Camera”, Scan the QR code on package box to add the hidden security camera.

NOTE: If you don’t have QR code, Click “add device in the same WLAN” will discover your hidden security camera in local network.

5. Click the narrow on left top screen to return device list

6. Click the device to watch the hidden security camera.

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