Invisible IR Illuminator




The hidden security cameras require more infrared power than conventional CCTV camera because the lens is too small to receive enough reflection. The 940nm invisible IR illuminator has only half of the power than 850nm IR LEDs make the case worse. Most of hidden security camera is unable to delivers satisfied night vision with built-in invisible IR LEDs. The LEDs power is just not strong enough. 5523-84 equips with 6 units high power LEDs (2-watt each) generate sufficient illumination at night, so your camera can see clear even in the total dark environment. Black coating, Separated setup from the camera not only will reduce the temperature inside, but also keep your camera safe without being discovered.

Key Feature

  • 6 units high power 940nm IR LEDs delivers no glow infrared.
  • Discreet design with Black coating on front.
  • Automatically turn on/off the infrared with photocell control.
  • Adjustable infrared power to avoid the over explored.

What is inclining?

1* Invisible IR Illuminator

1* 10 meter DC extension cable

1* 2 ways DC splitter cable


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