Real-time Person Detection, Not Just Motion Detection

having peace of mind while you’re away

Do you want to get instant push notifications when motion is detected by the camera? Are you tired of receiving false alarms triggered by light changes, clouds, and moving trees? Luckily, you can find a suitable camera to satisfy your needs from our i4 Spycamera. Today I will introduce an advanced feature——person detection, which can detect whether the object is human being accurately in the live video with a smarter algorithm. This feature can bring your usage experience of spy security camera to an upper level.

Let’s talk about something about a rather familiar feature——motion detection, to help you better know why person detection is superior and more suitable for you to monitor. 

Applying motion detection in security cameras is common in this fast developing society. There are various types of motion detection methods, such as infrared, sound, vibration, radio frequency energy etc. This feature is able to detect motion and activate the camera to start capturing the events so that signal the users that something may threat the security of their property. That is useful for the user to act quickly.

However, you should notice that motion detection is not mistake-proof, on the contrary, there are false alarms that are easily caused by any change. Some spy pinhole cameras trigger motion detection by comparing two before and after images of the video, so even a passing cloud, breeze, light, rain can create false alarms. Some cameras are equipped with PIR sensor, a kind of motion detection device, which detects change by heat. That means it can be easily trigger by animals, insects, and foliage. And because of simple design, the effective range of detection is limited. While our i4 Spycamera adopts person detection technology in all the spy pinhole cameras, in other words, notification push message will be sent to your mobile devices only when a person is detected by the cameras.

Next you may wonder how person detection works.

Person detection improved by introducing the HOG + SVM classifier to the video. This feature is used artificial intelligence technology so that the motion can be detected more specifically to human being, reducing the instances of false alarms. For example, when an intruder enter the scene of the camera, you will get an instant alert message on your phone, and you can find the person is indicated in the live video with a red frame. Therefore you can react immediately if something wrong. 

Furthermore, you shall know how exactly user-friendly of the person detection technology in our cameras are. Actually, this feature comes with various practical benefits.

It allows the users to get push notifications on mobile phone timely.

Many spy cameras on the market alert by sending emails. The email is usually a low priority tool, which generally are noticed too late by the users(when they take the cell to check the email). However, push notifications are much less common in spy security cameras and more visible for the users. Once the smart person detection is set, you can receive an instant push message on you smart phone when motion is detected. And the camera can start capturing and record the change events down to the SD card. Moreover, this feature can effectively save storage space without affecting the users to get instant alerts. 

With the feature of person detection, the users can get rid of frequent false alarms.

You must have the experience of receiving messages continuously along with annoying ringing, resulting unloading the application. Or you just don’t want to suffer frequent false alarms caused by the objects that you pay few attention any more. The only way out of this dilemma is to use a more advanced motion detection to detect with high accuracy. Smart person detection is what you need. The real-time person detection can detect more accurately to human being, instead of receiving false alarms that trigger by cloud, light or other things. You can finally have peace of mind while you’re away with satisfaction.

Our person detection are finished with only the cameras conveniently.

There are many other cameras require to use with some software to access person detection, which is a big investment. While our spy security cameras are complete systems to provide person detection function without the 3rd party software in the cloud. Because the person detection is accessed easily with the cameras, there is no more extra cost and installation. 

This feature is not impose for the users. 

The users are able to customize the notifications and determine whether only receive push notification message when a person is detected, or receive notifications for everything that is presented in the scene. In this way, our cameras provide great option for the users to choose a suitable detection mode according to their needs.

All in all, person detection is obviously better than the conventional motion detection, you can enjoy this feature with our i4 Spycamera’s products. Besides, the cameras we provide guarantee the concealment and security, meeting your multiple demands.